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Popular Gay Friendly Neighborhoods

Fort Lauderdale has many great gay friendly neighborhoods and is one of the most gay friendly cities in the USA.

Popular Gay Friendly

Here is our pricing guide for both condos and homes in some of the most popular gay friendly neighborhoods here in Fort Lauderdale.

Neighborhood Condos  S/F Homes
W Manors
Oakland Park
$119,000 $329,000
North Andrews Gardens $85,000 $379,000
Coral Ridge $264,999 $1,212,500
Lauderdale Lakes $109,900 $190,250
Lauderdale by the Sea $390,000 $620,000
Pompano Beach $295,000 $449,000
Poinsettia Heights $405,000 $378,450
Fort Lauderdale Beach $525,000 $2,738,000
North Beach $521,950  N/A
Sea Ranch Lakes $372,500 $2,064,500
Source: MLS  – May 2015

The prices are based on median prices in each neighborhood.

Being part of a welcoming community / neighborhood is important!

Important to note however – these neighborhoods can and do change dramatically even across a few short blocks…

Homes Prices
Gay Friendly Neighborhoods

Here is our market analysis report for home prices in four of the most popular neighborhoodsneighborhoods I as a gay Fort Lauderdale Realtor and in almost each and every week!

Neighborhoods Beds/Baths SF/FF Current Prices
3 / 2 1,924 $539,000
Oakland Park
3 / 2 1,495 $314,900
Oakland Park 3 / 2 1,472 $274,450
North Andrews 3/2 1730 $379,000
North Andrews –
Lyon Park
3 / 2 1,049 $184,950*

We can see from this report that prices range from $184,950 in Lyon Park in North Andrews Gardens to a high of $539,000 in sought after East Wilton Manors.

Important to note is that these median prices are based on 3 bedroom 2 bathroom homes of varying sizes from 1049 sq ft to 1924 sq ft!

Median Prices
Last Report

It is amazing to see the changes in a few months in some of our most popular gay friendly neighborhoods.

Our report for our last post for March/April 2015 is presented below

Neighborhoods Beds/Baths SF/FF Current Prices
3 / 2 1,691 $516,500
Oakland Park
3 / 2 1,509 $309,900
Oakland Park 3 / 2 1,418 $229,000
3 / 2 1,531 $349,950*

We can see that:

  • East Wilton Manors is up by $22,500 from $516,500 to $539,000 – reflecting continued demand for homes in this one of the most sought after addresses in Wilton Manors
  • Wilton Manors / Oakland Park is up $5,001 from $309,900 to $314,900 – reflecting movement across the board in these 2 cities – but also indicating that there is still value to be had!
  • Oakland Park is up by $45,450 or almost 20% from $229,000 to $274,450 – reflecting a strong movement in Oakland Park Homes – especially homes in Central and East Oakland Park – which are typically at least $100,000 less than similar homes in Wilton Manors
  • North Andrews is up by $29,050 from $349,950 to $379,000 – again a strong indicators of how this “Hot Neighborhood” is growing.You will note the affordability of homes for sale in Lyons Park – a smaller section of North Andrews – this area is set to really soar as more and more gay buyers enter the market.

Neighborhood Summary

Here are some of my thoughts on these popular gay friendly neighborhoods Fort Lauderdale

East Wilton Manors

East Wilton Manors is an upscale neighborhood with many waterfront homes and few condominiums.

Here is the market analysis report showing median prices for single family homes here in East Wilton Manors

 $$ Beds/Baths SF/FF List Price
Avg 3 1,872 $535,905
Med 3 1,924 $539,000

We can see from this report that the average price for a home in East Wilton Manors is $535,905 and the median price is $516,500 – this being for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom homes of between 1872 and 1924 square feet.

Note the median list price to square foot price which is $298.00

As a Fort Lauderdale Realtor I find that East Wilton Manors offers real value if you’re looking for waterfront homes – especially when compared to neighborhoods like Coral Ridge.

Wilton Manors and Oakland Park

With Wilton Drive as the heart of most things gay here in Fort Lauderdale – these “sister” cities are home to a huge gay population.

As a Realtor I find that for home buyers who aren’t waterfront focused that Central Wilton Manors and Central and East Oakland Park are very popular with gay buyers.

Oakland Park

Oakland Park itself is really progressing – in fact many Fort Lauderdale Realtors both gay and straight are amazed at the growth and development this neighborhood is enjoying – especially Central Oakland Park.

Personally as a Fort Lauderdale Realtor – this is one neighborhood you need to explore – many great homes, great community and a progressive and inclusive gay friendly City. 

And we are seeing the increased demand for homes reflected in the strong jump in median prices  – almost a 20% increase in just a few short months!

North Andrews Gardens

I love North Andrews Gardens – simply for its absolute  affordability.

While the median price shown above is $349,950 for a 3/2 – there are still many great deals for homes under this price to be found – especially if you don’t mind doing a little work.

Lyons Park
North Andrews Gardens

Lyons Park is a smaller neighborhood set in a really nice area of North Andrews – and homes here offer real value!

Here is our most recent price analysis report showing the inventory of homes for sale across different price points here in Lyons Park in North Andrews Gardens

Price Range Quantity
$149,999 or under 6
$150,000 – $199,999 6
$200,000 – $249,999 6
$250,000 – $299,999 2
Total 20

We can see from this report that  there is a good range of homes for sale from under $149,000 upto $299,999 – with a total 20 homes for sale.

North Andrews Garden is often overlooked by Realtors – to me it is like an undiscovered jewel – especially Lyons Park!  

I am noticing however the prices are on the move and that the median prices are on the way up!

If your working to a tight budget then North Andrews Gardens is well worth adding to your short list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on gay friendly neighborhoods Fort Lauderdale  – by Kevin Wirth – Your Gay Fort Lauderdale Realtor