View of Ft Lauderdale Beach and Ocean from a seasonal rental

Fort Lauderdale Seasonal Rentals

A Gay Fort Lauderdale Realtors
Guide to Seasonal / Vacation Rentals

Renting Seasonally is a wonderful idea and Ft Lauderdale attracts many Gay/LGBT seasonal renters looking to escape those dreary and chilly winter months!

Prices for Oceanfront Condos typically Run from $2,000 – $10,000 or more per month

Renting Seasonally is also a great way to get a feel for the real estate market here in Fort Lauderdale as well as to research popular gay friendly neighborhoods and/or complexes.

As a Gay Fort Lauderdale realtor – I get to work with may Gay/LGBT buyers many of whom have been renting here first and now want to have place of their own.

Interior of a Ft Lauderdale Seasonal Rental

Pricing Guide
Pricing Data

As a gay Fort Lauderdale realtor I get many gay/LGBT renters asking questions on pricing and with over 400 seasonal rentals listed on the MLS at the beginning of each year – working out a budget can be perplexing.

Here is a Broad Pricing Data Guide – followed by my guide to median prices by bedroom


List Price










Seasonal Rental
Median Prices by Bedroom

Here are the median prices by Bedroom for oceanfront/waterfront seasonal rentals – furnished and will pools.



Medan Price




1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom



3 Bedroom






We can see from this report that there is a wide range of price options – and that these options change dramatically by the number of beds per unit.

You will notice that prices for studios and one bedroom units are quite close – but then there is a stepping effect up around $1100.00 or more per extra bedroom (as a rule of thumb)

Large condos with more bedrooms are typically luxury units and these condos command a much higher price as you can see with a median of $9500.00 per month.

Pool at a Seasonal / Vacation Rental

Tips on Renting

As a gay Fort Lauderdale realtor – I have a few tips on renting that I think are important considerations…

  • Set your budget then begin your search
  • The earlier in the season you start your search – the more choices you will have – and you may find better prices earlier vs 2-3 months before your due to arrive or last-minute when the choices are limited and prices of units for rent are usually much higher!
  • Select units you like and then research the building and neighborhood
  • Check to see in units are rented daily or weekly for while complexes that allow daily/weekly bookings can be fun and you can meet great people – they can also be very noisy as guests often want to make the most of arriving, enjoying and then departing their few days or week in the sun
  • Search for information of proximity to cafes, shopping and supermarkets – some great beach rentals especially in and along Ft Lauderdale beach require a car to get to the supermarket – you can only walk to Cafes and a CVS.
  • Check the amenities offered including wireless internet, cable channels, pet policy – for pet lovers and for those that want to avoid sharing the lobby and elevator with 3 x 50lbs dogs
  • Ask for Recent Reviews from the Owner – Guest Reviews / Agent Recommendation are important and recent reviews are really important – I always suggest to my clients that we look for comments on cleanliness and that everything works
  • Ask about the renters repair/replacement policyinvariably something breaks down during an extended stay- and it is no joy to have things like the internet down for days

I hope you have enjoyed this post and my tips on renting seasonally – by Kevin Wirth – Gay Fort Lauderdale Realtor