Popular Gay Friendly Neighborhoods

Welcome to my November 2018 / December 2018 Fort Lauderdale Gay Realtors guide to some of our most popular gay friendly neighborhoods in one of the most gay friendly cities in the USA – Fort Lauderdale!

Popular Gay Friendly

Fort Lauderdale Gay Realtors often get asked – what are the most popular gay friendly neighborhoods…and what are prices like?

Here is our pricing guide for both condos and homes in some of the most popular gay friendly neighborhoods here in Fort Lauderdale.

Neighborhood Condos  S/F Homes
W Manors
Oakland Park
$155,000 $377,000
North Andrews Gardens $132,450 $292,450
Coral Ridge $299,000 $1,274,000
Lauderdale Lakes $157,500 $255,000
Lauderdale by the Sea $469,900 $790,000
Pompano Beach $339,000 $549,900
Poinsettia Heights $417,450* $520,000
Fort Lauderdale Beach $579,000 $2,400,000
North Beach $772,500  N/A
Sea Ranch Lakes $419,000 $1,097,000
Source: MLS  – Oct 2018

The prices are based on median prices in each neighborhood.

Median prices this month have seen many prices soften for comparable units / homes – same number of beds/baths.

The most notable exceptions to this have been for increases in median list prices for both condos and homes in North Andrews Gardens, Pompano Beach and Sea Ranch Lakes – which have all increased this month!

Read more on median prices in our last report on Gay Friendly Neighborhoods for September / October 2018

For many gay and LGBT buyers being part of a welcoming community / neighborhood is important!

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