Gay Friendly Condos

Gay Friendly Condos
Fort Lauderdale

My Fort Lauderdale Gay Realtors guide to gay friendly condominiums – complexes that are popular with both Gay and LGBT buyers!

Here in Fort Lauderdale we have a great range of choices and plenty of pricing options to choose from,.

Here is a sample of 6 complexes that are very popular with Gay and LGBT buyers – they are Wilton Station, Manor Grove, River Shores, Lake Emerald, Royal Park and Palm Aire.

Our market summary report on median prices for condos for sale in each of these great complexes is presented below.

Complex Beds/Baths SF/FF Median Price
W/Station 2 / 2 1,675 $352,000
C/R Towers 2 / 2 1,120 $199,000
Palm Aire 2 / 2 1,417 $189,000
Lake Emerald 2 / 2 920 $143,000
River Shores 1 / 1 600 $143,500
Manor Grove 1 / 1 850 $145,000
Royal Park 2 / 2 975 $135,000

We can see the median prices based on units currently for sale.

We can see from this report how median prices range from a low of $135,000 in Royal Park up to $352,000 in Wilton Station.

Median prices in many cases are up from our last post!

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