Popular Gay Friendly Neighborhoods

Welcome to my February / March 2018 Fort Lauderdale Gay Realtors guide to some of our most popular gay friendly neighborhoods in one of the most gay friendly cities in the USA – Fort Lauderdale!

Popular Gay Friendly

Fort Lauderdale Gay Realtors often get asked – what are the most popular gay friendly neighborhoods…and what are prices like?

Here is our pricing guide for both condos and homes in some of the most popular gay friendly neighborhoods here in Fort Lauderdale.

Neighborhood Condos  S/F Homes
W Manors
Oakland Park
$149,700 $396,500
North Andrews Gardens $114,000 $235,000
Coral Ridge $299,000 $1,299,000
Lauderdale Lakes $144,950 $230,000
Lauderdale by the Sea $459,000 $1,025,000
Pompano Beach $319,000 $575,000
Poinsettia Heights From $249,900 * $486,744
Fort Lauderdale Beach $515,000 $1,749,000
North Beach $824,500  N/A
Sea Ranch Lakes $422,250 $1,250,000
Source: MLS  – Feb 2018

The prices are based on median prices in each neighborhood.

* There are few in this neighborhood – mostly town homes which range from $249,900 upwards and into the $600,000’s! 

There have been some strong increases in median prices – especially in  the gay friendly neighborhood of North Beach!

View prices in our last report on Gay Friendly Neighborhoods for December 2017 / January 2018

For many gay and LGBT buyers being part of a welcoming community / neighborhood is important!

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Gay Friendly Condos

Gay Friendly Condos
Fort Lauderdale

My Fort Lauderdale Gay Realtors guide to gay friendly condominiums – complexes that are popular with both Gay and LGBT buyers!

Here in Fort Lauderdale we have a great range of choices and plenty of pricing options to choose from,.

Here is a sample of 6 complexes that are very popular with Gay and LGBT buyers – they are Wilton Station, Manor Grove, River Shores, Lake Emerald, Royal Park and Palm Aire.

Our market summary report on median prices for condos for sale in each of these great complexes is presented below.

Complex Beds/Baths SF/FF Median Price
W/Station 2 / 2 1,675 $352,000
C/R Towers 2 / 2 1,120 $199,000
Palm Aire 2 / 2 1,417 $189,000
Lake Emerald 2 / 2 920 $143,000
River Shores 1 / 1 600 $143,500
Manor Grove 1 / 1 850 $145,000
Royal Park 2 / 2 975 $135,000

We can see the median prices based on units currently for sale.

We can see from this report how median prices range from a low of $135,000 in Royal Park up to $352,000 in Wilton Station.

Median prices in many cases are up from our last post!

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My Ft Lauderdale Realtors Guide to Getting a Mortgage

My Tips to a Great Mortgage

As one of our companies top Gay Ft Lauderdale Realtors I know that it can be a little overwhelming for Gay and LGBT home buyers when they are thinking about getting a mortgage.

There are so many competing vendors offering mortgages as well as other factors to consider least of all being your credit score.

In this guide I discuss the steps on how to get a “great” mortgage

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Selling Your Home – Think First Impressions

A Gay Fort Lauderdale Realtors Guide
to Selling Your Home

Here is the first in my series of guides to selling your home.

1. First Impressions Count!

It’s a big decision in selling your home – and what is important are the first impressions your home makes to prospective buyers!

As a Gay Fort Lauderdale Realtor it is really disappointing to see the number of homes that are listed for sale where the owner and/or agent has not made a really good first impression and some of this I think has to do with objectivity and some perhaps agents reluctance to make recommendations to sellers.

As a seller you need to be objective and too put yourself in a customer’s shoes and that can be hard to do if you’ve lived in a home for months even years.

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